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Re: [IP] Re: Presiden'ts Decision

Sam, you shouldn't get upset about the post you pointed out since the 
decision Dubya made was and is political and that can't help but surface in 
any discussion of this topic. i basically said the same thing last night and 
at the end of my post i said  that Dubya turned his back on every veteran who 
died for freedom by mnot allowing it to happen then i called him a loser and 
said his mother should have gotten an abortion. Which angered a nurse who 
commentted later about it implying that my post was immature, but i did not 
intend to anger anyone. It's just after having type 1 for 27 years i have 
learned to have commpassion for those with long term illnesses of any kind 
since having diabetes is certainly no picnic. Dubya doesn't care about anyone 
with a disease that has the potential to be cured by stem cell research. Even 
Nancy Reagun asked him to give approval for the research.. Dubya didn't do 
that. All he did was go along with Jerry Falwell and the untraconservative 
ilk. Where if the compassionate conservative he promised us in the campaign?
       In Israel they have already made insulin producing cells from stem 
cells and have grown heart muscle tissue to repair hearts after a heart 
attack. This country should be that way because it founded on progressive 
ways of doing things which is anti-conservative. conservatives want to go 
backwards and probably start treating all diseases with enemas as they used 
to do and killed the patient in the process. That is how the poet Lord Byron 
       But how do we tell the young children with diabetes that the president 
doesn't care if diabetes is cured? i've already got complications but they 
could be cured before complications start. but Dubya tied the hands of 

just venting a little steam,
bret and Trane
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