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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #349

Arlie wrote:

'My problem now is with exercise.  My nurse tells me to simply suspend the
pump or take it off when I'm doing aerobic exercise, but if I wait until I
start exercising to turn it off, I go way low.  The other day I tried
suspending the pump an hour before I started, and I had better results, but
I still could have gone low if I had started out with a lower level.  I
don't want to start snacking before I exercise the way I did before I got
the pump.  Does anyone else have this problem?'

I have a different problem with exercise -- it doesn't affect my BG one way
or the other and (after 30-odd years of medical people telling me it would
make me go low) I have the Continuous Glucose Monitor numbers to prove it!

Anyway, one thing we found when I did the CGM test which does work with my
weird metabolism is that I have to make adjustments 2-3 hours ahead of the
time I want the adjustment to take effect.  On me, taking the pump off (if
exercise made me go low) for the exercise would keep me from a dip 2 hours
post exercise.

You may want to explore a reduced level of basal longer ahead of time if you
exercise on a predictable schedule.  If your exercise style doesn't permit
this, you may be stuck with eating before exercise so your food and exercise
hit about the same time.

I found the CGM test very useful for giving direction for fine-tuning this
kind of stuff -- do it on three more-or-less 'normal' days that include
exercise, and it really helped me spot patterns and correct for them.

YMMV, of course.

Kathy T.
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