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Re: [IP] our pancreas

email @ redacted wrote:
> what does a type 1's pancreas look like?     does it atrophy because of the
> disease?

I THINK (and someone correct me if I'm wrong), that it looks normal on
the macroscopic level, because most of the pancreatic tissue is exocrine
gland (which secretes digestive enzymes) and connective tissue, and
these continue to function normally in Type 1 diabetics.  

However, when examined microscopically, the beta cells are either
extremely sparse or not there at all -- and the islets (which are
composed of several different kinds of cells) look abnormal. There may
be a loss of alpha cells (which secrete glucagon) as well as beta cells,
but I don't know if that happens to everyone or just some people. 

Smiles from Ms. Know-It-All!!!!!  :) :) :) 

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