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Re: [IP] Brittle Diabetics

kathy bruckmeyer wrote:
> I am learning a lot...however, most of the times there is no pattern and
> that is what troubles my d.e., endo and myself...so I just keep checking,
> monitoring and logging....dietician wanted to know why I write down what I
> eat and the amt. of carbs and I told her so I can go back and check how
> different foods acted with my b.g.....

Sounds like a good approach to me! :) It's hard to analyze BG results
without an food and activity diary, because there are SO many things
that can affect your BGs, and you can't control all of those variables
(such as stress, hormonal variation, gastric motility and illness) --
you can't even measure some of them, so all you can do is control the
things that ARE controllable, and then respond to abnormal BGs as
needed. But that's also a long, hard learning process, and will never be
> I have Pumping Insulin and read it and am trying to follow it's
> guidelines...however, the amounts of calories they give for examples is
> outrageous!

But those are just examples -- you can use them for ideas, but you are
going to have to do your own calculating for calories and carb amounts.
For example, if they talk about 1:15 insulin:carb ratio, and then
calculate using 4 units for 60g of carbs, you can calculate the same
thing as 1 unit for 15g of carbs. BUT that might not be the right carb
ratio fo you: you might only need 1 unit for 20g of carbs -- in which
case, if you're only eating 15g, you might only need 0.7 units. The
beauty of the pump is that you can calculate, test, and correct if
necessary, and every time you do so, it's more data for your file on

The other thing to keep in mind is that fat content really makes a
difference for some people. Some dietitians poo-poo that idea, but many
people on the list have noticed problems. For me, a high-fat meal means
my BG peaks lower, but stays up a LOT longer, so I have to change my
insulin pattern accordingly -- and by now, I MOSTLY get it right, but
not always. 

> I do a lot
> better eating small amounts rather than a huge meal and would rather eat my
> larger meal around 2:30 PM or so but most times it's not feasible.

No reason not to eat small amounts -- use small boluses accordingly --
if you ate 15 times a day, and needed to give (for example) only 0.1
unit per snack, you could do it on the pump!

The pump is not a panacea, where you just push a button and forget about
it -- it takes a LOT of learning and experimentation, and thoughtful
reviewing of records -- and I doubt ANYONE gets it right all the time --
but personally, I find it a more convenient tool than shots!  :) 

Hang in there!!!
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