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Re: [IP] Going to camp

Dianne wrote:
> I'm responding to the e-mail from Natalie about her volunteering to work at
> a kids diabetic camp. The camp sounds great. What state was it in? 

The camp is Camp Buck, in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada. 

> We live in Michigan, but my
> son goes to a camp in Ohio.  If you don't live around here, maybe Robin,
> from the Ohio camp, can get some ideas from the camp you participated in.
> Origami for kids sounds like they would think it's cool. The kids like to do
> things that aren't diabetes related too. 

Feel free to give her my e-mail address!

> I wish there were more people who would donate their time to the diabetes camps for kids. 

Well, part of it is getting the word out. I'm a school teacher, so I
have time during the summer -- there are MANY camps I could have
volunteered at, but I felt like I could make at least a small difference
in the lives of diabetic children by going to this one. I'm pretty sure
there are others who would also like to do that, but are they even aware
of the existence of diabetes camps? Most people aren't. So you need a
go-getter type person who's willing to talk to groups and do the PR.

> My deepest gratitude goes out to people like you.

Thanks for making my day!!!!!  :)  
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