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Re: [IP] What is Novolog insulin ??

On 10 Aug 2001, at 19:22, Gary Els Elson wrote:

> I read a bit about it yesterday about Novolog insulin and it sounds
> similar to Humolog (ie faster than Regular).
> How does it compare with Humolog insulin ??

I LIKE IT!   To me it isn't as harsh; doesn't have the "sting" that 
Humalog has.  I'm hoping that it will prevent the "tunnelling" I was 
getting from Humalog and Tenders.  I'm still checking the timing for 
me, YMMV.  It appears to not be quite as fast as Humalog, but 
then it seems to last somewhat longer and a little more consistent 
in it's action, but this is just my first week.

> Any Web sites with current information ?
> Is anyone using Novolog with their pump ???

It won't be available to the public for a few more months.  You can 
go to the U.S. website main page for Novo Nordisk:
or you can try a "Search".  I'm sure you'll find plenty of pages about 
it.  All information you find will be "current" as it doesn't have any 
history to speak of.

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