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RE: [IP] Frozen Shoulder Treatments

Hi Brenda,

I was just diagnosed with frozen shoulders. Both my left and right shoulder 
are affected. I am going twice a week for physical therapy.

my MD prescribed  R x strength motrin.  After my therapist 
completes the therapeutic stretching and exercises, she does a treatment known 
as iontopherisis.   A topical steroid is put on patches and 
placed over the painful areas of the shoulder. The steroid is put into 
the shoulder joint via electrical stimulation (doesn't hurt!) . It's a 20 
minute treatment. This has not affected my blood glucose at all.  At 
the same time,  she applies heat.  My shoulders feel better and 
the effects have been lasting. I've only had a few therapy 
visits, but my shoulders feel better already and I've note some change 
in my ability to move the shoulders better.  Hope this is 

Wendy R

MM508 -pumping since 5/99    


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Subject: [IP] Frozen Shoulder 

Hi everyone,

I think there are a few of you out there that have Frozen Shoulder and was 

wondering what you take for the pain and what other treatments you have 

received?  My doc thinks I have this but I have to wait to go to 
a Ortho to 

confirm and it hurts all the way down my arm at night.  Thanks 
for any advice



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