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[IP] 50% did stop using the pump

>>     My endo is at a teaching hospital, and when I visit him, I almost
always talk with a resident first (I never mind doing this; I actually like
meeting with the residents).  Anyway, a week ago when I went for my first
follow-up appointment since starting on the pump, I was talking with the
resident and she asked how I liked being on a pump.  I, of course, have been
very happy with the pumping experience in general--and with the improvement
in my BGs especially--and I told
her so.  She said she was surprised because 50% of people who start on a
pump eventually go back to injections (that seemed awfully high to me).  At
this point the endo came in and we started talking about other topics, and I
forgot to ask him about those statistics.

Does anyone know of a reliable source of information that tracks the number
of patients who started on a pump and then went back to injections?  I would
curious to see actual data on this subject.  <<


Those numbers match, exactly, my experience here in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
That would be my PERSONAL experience, and it is worth exactly what you have
just paid for it. I know four people who are, or have been, pumping insulin.
Two of them no longer pump. I am one of them. I liked the pump, but I like
Lantus insulin just as well.

The other pumper is a young lady with three kids and is a marathon runner
and she just "doesn't like gadgets". Her dad uses a pump and really likes
it, so go figure. I don't think people stop using the pump because it
"doesn't work" or because it is "too difficult". I think the reasons are
either monetary or personal.

It seems to me that for a person to START using the pump implies a level of
dissatisfaction with diabetes control in the first place. I cannot see how
using a pump would NOT improve diabetes control. I guess there are those
whose control will NOT be improved, but they are likely the rare exceptions.
My control certainly improved and the changes that I was looking for
(elimination of hypoglycemic episodes without symptoms) has been
accomplished. This change has persisted with the use of Lantus insulin
glargine. So, in a sense I am still "using the pump". Now it is a
biopharmaceutical analogy of the pump.

Don't worry about what your resident physician tells you. Keep it in mind,
but remember the reason to continue or not continue is based solely on YOUR

Have fun and good luck.

     Nick Trubov
email @ redacted
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