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[IP] MiniMed Sof Set tail

Johnny uses the soft sets and I have a heck of a time
keeping them in.  I think I have it almost down to pat now, but I don't like
the tail that hangs from the cannula when he disconnects to go swimming.
(He'd rather disconnect than wear the pump when he swims) I'd rather find a
set that is flat on the stomach, but also has an injector and doesn't have
problems connecting and disconnecting. Not asking for a lot, am I?
Dianne Mom of Johnny 9

I have used the MiniMed Micro Sof Sets for six months without a problem. My
trainer taught me to circle the tail around the needle hub after the
insertion of the set and before taping it down. I have to be careful to get
it around the needle hub and still have the connector extending from the
bottom of the tape. There is essentially no tail and the set has never
pulled out for me.

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