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Re: [IP] Stastics on Pump Users

kathy bruckmeyer wrote:
> I don't mind sticking my finger a zillion times and changing things around
> but then again, I really think that those who decide to go off of it are
> people who weren't really taking care of themselves correctly to begin
> with...they probably don't take the pump seriously enough.

i agree with your email - i can't imagine many people going off the pump
- but i think you need to be careful with the above paragraph. while
what you say is undoubtedly true of some ex-pumpers, to generalize about
all of them is IMHO dangerous and too much like what one often hears
from nondiabetics who witness a severe hypo: "they probably weren't
taking care of themselves". maybe, maybe not.

chris parsons
T1 84 HTRON Plus 99
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