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RE: [IP] Brittle Diabetics

Hi Natalie:

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Sent: Friday, August 10, 2001 8:00 PM
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Subject: Re: [IP] Brittle Diabetics

Yes, I do know my body better than anyone else and I knew how to deal with
things while injecting although lots of times when insulin peaked was a huge
unknown!!! LOL.... not really funny but true.

I am sensitive to any type of medication and I know when I was injecting one
unit one way or the other would turn things completely around...now I am
learning how to adjust by tenths since the pump works a whole lot
differently than injecting.

I am in the process of testing my basals and making gradual adjustments to
them along with consults with my d.e. and endo.

I am constantly monitoring the b.g. as well to see how long it takes for
food to hit the blood stream and how long insulin takes to counterattack

I am learning a lot...however, most of the times there is no pattern and
that is what troubles my d.e., endo and myself...so I just keep checking,
monitoring and logging....dietician wanted to know why I write down what I
eat and the amt. of carbs and I told her so I can go back and check how
different foods acted with my b.g.....

I have Pumping Insulin and read it and am trying to follow it's
guidelines...however, the amounts of calories they give for examples is
outrageous!  I could never eat that much food in one day!  I am on less than
1,000 calories a day and that is how I've always been.  I am not a big eater
and rarely find myself starving that I have to eat so much.  I do a lot
better eating small amounts rather than a huge meal and would rather eat my
larger meal around 2:30 PM or so but most times it's not feasible.

thx for writing and thx for the support from you and all others...I am
listening and learning....
Kathy B.
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