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RE: [IP] Decisions

I have been waiting 35 years for a cure and way back then, there wasn't even
talk of a cure...it was assumed that you wouldn't make it ten years let
alone 35 or 50 years!!!

The past fifteen years, I have been reading and reading and reading more and
more about a cure!  As a matter of fact, pumps weren't even discussed until
about 15 years ago....

Believe it or not, with the islet cell transplants having succeeded to far,
they are around the corner working on those transplants to be done w/o
having to take anti-rejection drugs and that in itself is a wonder.....

Each day something new is discovered and I truly believe that a cure is
around the corner...whether it comes from stem cell or somewhere
else...there will be a cure for this disease....

the main problem is money...not enough money to fund all the research for a

so what we really need to do is write to NIH and our senators and
congressmen to plead with them to fund more dollars for diabetic research...

Kathy b.
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