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RE: [IP] RE: Prsident Bush's Decision

Regarding your message...
First of all, you brought up a very good point....
If couples have several

embryos that will not be used, then they should be made to sign a certain
form which asks them whether or not they would like thos embroy's to be
donated to science for stem cell research or any other research (not
cloning, I'm not for that!)...or whether they want them to be given to
"adoptive parents" which is another issue here...that so many people want to
adopt children, they should be allowed to use the embroys...

As far as you not wanting to have children, you sound like my son...he says
between my husband's family and mine, we have too many bad genes and he
doesn't want to pass them on...thus, if he does not produce a male heir, my
husband's family name dies...

My son developed diabetes two years ago, my diagnosis and later
confirmed....but, he was always a little "borderline" and let's not get on
that subject of whether that really exists or not because it does, in my
family at least.

He gained weight and couldn't lose it and we found out he also had thyroid
problems which are being treated w/medication...

He managed to lose 50 lbs but still needs to lose at least another 50
lbs..and I KNOW that if he loses the weight, he can get off the Glucophage
and just watch his diet..he does go to the gym 3x a week and exercises
dilligently, watches what he eats and doesn't drink (he's afraid of
destroying his liver).....

I keep praying for a cure, and keep on saying that I only hope I will see
one before I die...

But don't think for a moment that I don't worry that if my son or daughter
do have children, that they will have this disease as well....but I believe
in God and I believe that there will be a cure soon!!!

When we give up hope, then what's the sense of living and going on with
Kathy B.
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