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Re: [IP] Stastics on Pump Users

Early in my fight w/my insurance company, my case manager (not my ally) said
that many (she won't admit that she said "50%") of pumps end up sitting in
their boxes in the back of the patients' closets.
I had a REALLY hard time believing her. Partly because everyone I spoke to at
Medica misled me and partly because I couldn't imagine someone staying on the
pump beyond the time you could get your money back and then deciding to just
put it away. Now that I've been on my pump for more than 3 months, I think she
was flat out lying. I would not choose to return to shots. Sure, I wonder how
I will handle certain situations and there are days when I spend too much time
figuring out what to wear b/c I need to figure out where to put my pump, but
my general health (which I hadn't thought was bad) seems so much better. I've
been getting lots of complements on my appearance (weight, skin tone,
clear/bright eyes) from people who have known me a long time and are noticing
a change. Maybe it's celebrating my 30th birthday (a week ago), but I believe
it's related to pumping.
Heather, dx'd 9/90
with Righteous Babe since 4/01.

Christy Schneider wrote:

> She said she was surprised because 50% of
> people who start on a pump eventually go back to
> injections (that seemed awfully high to me).
> <snip>
> Does anyone know of a reliable source of information
> that tracks the number of patients who started on a
> pump and then went back to injections?
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