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Re: [IP] Brittle Diabetics

kathy bruckmeyer wrote:
>..I had asked him
> how much I could safely take..got nowhere w/him and just decided to take
> 1.0...1 hr later I was down from 395 to 120...I have a very weird body....

Well, no one knows your body as well as you do, and it sounds like you
have a good idea of your own degree of insulin sensitivity.

One thing that pops into my mind is that you may be on the VERY
insulin-sensitive end of the curve, and maybe you need to be thinking in
fractional unit boluses rather than whole unit boluses. A lot of your
swinging may be due to rebounds from lows and overtreating highs -- I'm
NOT saying you're doing this on purpose, but rather, that you may be one
of the people for whom one unit is not enough and two units are too

I think you could probably benefit from the pump -- but it would mean
taking a long time to monitor very carefully and have a basal adjustable
to small increments (maybe an Animas would be good for you), and make
tiny incremental adjustments to your bolus ratios.

The other thing you would have to test and observe is your BG curves
after eating -- some people process insulin very quickly, and actually
do better bolusing AFTER a meal, whereas others do better bolusing 15
minutes before. 

I think the books Stop the Rollercoaster, and Pumping Insulin are good
guides -- but you have to use them intelligently -- they can give
guidelines, but can't predict exactly how YOU will react. The most
important thing I learned from these books is not to over-react -- to
take into account what insulin is already working in my body, and to
give glucose tablets time to work when low. For example, I feel yucky
from lows for at least an hour after they occur, but I KNOW that if my
meter shows my BG coming up, even slowly, I don't need any more

Conversely, if I'm high and I correct, I give the Humalog 4 hours to do
its work -- because in MY body, that's how long it lasts. I don't expect
instant results, nor do I panic and test too soon -- insulin is NOT
instantaneous. Even if I'm still feeling icky, I give the insulin time
to work before concluding that I need more. 

I don't mean to be preaching, but I really think diabetes management is
a learnable ART, not a science, and that those books really have some
good advice.

Good luck! 
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