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[IP] Bush's decision to make a decision & Endos opinions on pumps

*I read this article on slate.com yesterday that states Bush didn't have to 
make the decision, he took it upon himself to make it.
Why this man who does not have the majority of the country supporting him 
(or much intelligence or even experience in dealing with something of this 
magnitude)get to make such a decision? Why couldn't it be left to the NIH?
*I went to my endocrinologist yesterday and asked him about going off the 
pump. He said that he didn't know of any patients that have done it and that 
he doesn't advise it, but if I really hate it- then we could work something 
out. I asked him how many shots per day I would have to take - he said 4. 
Before I started using the pump, I took two. I didn't really expect such a 
quick concrete answer from him either. Is that a general rule?

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