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RE: [IP] Stastics on Pump Users

Hi Christy:
I couldn't imagine anyone not wanting to stay on the pump once they get on
it, even little ole me...having so many troubles...

I figure eventually I will get it all ironed out and will be sooooooo very
happy :) :) :)

I don't mind sticking my finger a zillion times and changing things around
but then again, I really think that those who decide to go off of it are
people who weren't really taking care of themselves correctly to begin
with...they probably don't take the pump seriously enough.

I did meet a 20 yr. old when I was visiting St. Augustine.  she was a
waitress there for the summer originally from CT.  She told me had diab.
from 11 or so and was part of a program w/Joslin and was doing wonderfully
and then she went on pump and she said she got so lazy she didn't even
bolus!!!  So she's back on injections.

I talked to her for a very long time telling her that I understood how she
felt at that age since I'd been there, but if I had had the pump available
when I was her age, I wouldn't have all these complications I now have...I
would most certainly have taken better care of myself had the proper
instruments been available ie: bgm and ip....

Just my little two cents.
Kathy b.
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