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[IP] RE: Prsident Bush's Decision

Dear Group:

I saw President Bush's speech last night, and I just had to out my two
cents in:

I have been a Republican all my adult life, and I voted for the current
President Bush and his father, as well as for Gov. Bush here in Florida.
While I understood the President's need to try to and appease all sides,
I was still unhappy that he was not more supportive of stem cell
research. If this decision had been made in 2005, when reelection was no
longer an issue, it might have been more to our liking.

It has been suggested that the stem cell research decision be put to a
popular vote. In a perfect world, that would be a fair solution;
unfortunately, in the real world, we have a Congress, who like the
President, must look out for their political careers, so they would
never allow us to decide the issue, as those on the losing side would
try to remove their representatives in retaliation.

This is a really complex issue, in terms of the ethical aspects of using
embryonic stem cells. While I would not want abortions to be performed
to cure me, I think that if parents using invitro procedures want to
donate the unused cells for research, they should be allowed to do so. I
did agree with the President's support of research to see in other types
of stem cells could also be used, as no one could object to that, since
no embryos would be harmed. If we can find an agreeable means to obtain
them, Stem cells could be a more parctical cure that pancreatic
transplants, as the cells can be made to replicate into pancreatic
tissue, and do so multiple times, while transplants require 1 donor per
recipient, and where would we find 16 million+ donors?

The problem I see is that the politicians are so worried about the
embryos of "potential voters", they seem to have forgotten about the
voters here and now who have to deal with the illnesses stem cell
research could alleviate, perhaps even eradicate. Many of us have kids
that are already have to deal with diabetes, and it hurts us when we
cannot help them "make it better". Those kids deserve to grow up healthy
so they can vote for their candidates. I just marked the 25th
anniversary of my diagnosis (July 19th, 1976), and while I have decided
never to have children, in part for fear of their having to deal with
diabetes, my youngest brother does have a family.  I have a 3 year
nephew, and his parents expect another child in March of 2002, and I am
concerned that since diabetes runs in both my family, and in my
sister-in-law's, their children could develop it. I would very much like
to see diabetes wiped out so that neither of those kids ever has to go
through what I have. I hope that what another group member said will
become the truth; may we be the LAST generation of diabetics on this


Amilcar Vazquez Jr.
President: InfoServ International, Inc.
mailto:mailto:email @ redacted

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