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Re: [IP] Presiden'ts Decision

As we watched the speech by our wuss...er, I mean president... my boyfriend 
brought up a good point... if this is such a huge decision and affects so 
many people, not to mention laying the initial groundwork for where this 
whole moral/scientific delemma will go in the future, why isn't it put up 
for popular vote, instead of leaving it up to one man who obviously can't 
make a decision in favor of either group (and in a way I really can't blame 
him for that)?  Why not let the people decide?  Congress should come up with 
a few different scenarios- funding for all, some, or none- and put it on a 
ballot.  This way we will know what people in this country want, instead of 
knowing what one man wil or will not do in order to save his job.


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