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[IP] Stastics on Pump Users

Hi, Group!
My endo is at a teaching hospital, and when I visit
him, I almost always talk with a resident first (I
never mind doing this; I actually like meeting with
the residents).  Anyway, a week ago when I went for my
first follow-up appointment since starting on the
pump, I was talking with the resident and she asked
how I liked being on a pump.  I, of course, have been
very happy with the pumping experience in general--and
with the improvement in my BGs especially--and I told
her so.  She said she was surprised because 50% of
people who start on a pump eventually go back to
injections (that seemed awfully high to me).  At this
point the endo came in and we started talking about
other topics, and I forgot to ask him about those

Does anyone know of a reliable source of information
that tracks the number of patients who started on a
pump and then went back to injections?  I would be
curious to see actual data on this subject.


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