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[IP] Re: President's decision

> However, you can't blame the man as he had to make a decision which would
> make everyone happy and I guess he had to come in the middle.
he did not have to make a decision that would make everybody happy. as a
matter of fact that would be impossible. so he might as well have made
the right decision, ignoring politics, ignoring 2nd term, pointing out
that the abortion question and stem cell question are two separate
issues, and move on.>>

I'm with Chris on this one.  Dubya said he had friends who had kids with 
diabetes and that he talked to them; I can't help but wonder if he really 
did, and if he talked to the parents, or the kids, about what they go through 
every day of their lives, or if he just said, "hey, what do you think about 
that stem cell thing?"   Grrrr...I'm even more angry by the fact that at the 
beginning of his speech, he sounded as if he supported the idea of stem cell 
funding because of all the potential it has.  The fact that he then turns 
around and limits it tells me that, as Chris said, he's thinking more about 
politics, his campaign promises and his 2nd term than he is about what's 
really right for the country and the growing number of people who deal with 
chronic diseases like diabetes every day.

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