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[IP] Pres. decision

Hi all:
Well, since I started the ball rolling.....

I was very disappointed to say the least.  Any kind of research into finding
a cure for diabetes as well as so many other diseases is a plus for all of

However, like many of you pointed out, he is a politician and they never
tell the truth and always twist things so that they can get re-elected.

I know one thing we are not supposed to bring up is politics so I won't even
begin to do so but I have dealt w/politicians in my work as a civic
association president for many years and they tell you one thing, go behind
your back and do something else...

He has made his decision and like I said, at least he will fund federal
money to help the research.

We are so close with so many things they are doing right now that we can
only hope with the extra funding we will be free at last.

Like I said, the government has a bad habbit of funding money for lots of
other diseases but hardly increases it's budget for diabetic research so now
let's see how he divy's (sp?) up the pie...

Kathy B.
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