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[IP] RE: President's Decision

So far just a few responses have shown up on this board, and mostly angry
ones, so I thought I'd jump in with my opinion. Let me state from the
outset that since George got elected I've found myself to be a passionate
Democrat. But let's face it: our President made promises during his
campaign not to fund any of this research. Today he went back on his
promises and even though he didn't give embryos for research (which I
would have very much supported), he DID give hundreds of millions of
dollars for research on stem cells which have been created from embryos
as well as all non-embryonic stem cells. This is a really promising step
forward for all of us. Don't forget that these hundreds of millions of
dollars are in addition to the privately-funded research already taking
place. Dr. Goldstein (Chief Scientific Officer of the Juvenile Diabetes
Research Foundation) expressed his own satisfaction with the decision
tonight during an interview on Nightline. This is one more step forward
for US, perhaps the last generation of Type 1 diabetics. I think we
should all be grateful that at the end of the day all George really is is
a politician. Let's all be grateful that he doesn't have the integrity to
do what he had promised (or threatened) during his campaign. Given his
track record I would not have put it past him to try and ban the research
already going on, and I know at least __I__ will be thanking my lucky
stars for tonight's decision. Jessica


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