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RE: [IP] Pulling my hair out /Nurses

<<I faxed Sean's bs readings to the Dr today, because we are
having lows almost every day and I have decreased the UltraLente
and the H at meals to compensate for activity.

Many nights prior to us going to sleep we check and he has dropped over
100 points in 30 -60 minutes, putting him in need of a snack.
Last night he was dropping before bed but still in range and I checked at
2:00 am he was 48, Where would he have been at 3:00 if I hadn't checked him?

If I only checked at meals he would be in range most of the time.  But he
tends to go low 3 and a half hours after meals.  I was hoping to get most of
this figured
out before pump start but it looks like the UL is messing with him too much
to really determine
what needs to be changed.>>

A few observations with my experience with UL:
1)  I had problems with the claim that UL was a 24 hour insulin.  My 10+
years with it told me it is not.  For me it seemed like it was 20 hours....
I never did get this figured out, even after trying split UL shots (one
lunch and one dinner)...

2)  I had a problem with the claim that UL does not peak.  Again my
experience tells me that it does, and somewhat unpredictably.  I use the
phrase "double-whammy" when my UL would coincidentally and unpredictably
peak around the same time my R did.  The literature I've seen suggests that
the variance in the peaking times of long acting insulin is 100%!!!  Carb
counting is not fun in that situation.  Even the folks in Vegas would have a
hard time predicting the peaks!

3) One thing about the early am sugars, do you observe a dawn effect?

4)  Blood sugars at night:  If I'm not feeling just right, I will test my BS
30 minutes before sleepy time and then once again at sleepy time to get an
idea which direction I'm heading.  Big drop in the BS equals bigger snack
(depending of course on what the BS is...)

5) All of these problems went bye bye when I got the pump:  One insulin.  No
more whammies.  As far as figuring out the UL thing before the pump: forget
about it!!!  Get the pump and get some sleep!!

I'm sure all of these comments go out the window because I was dx'd at 19
(34 now...) but maybe they help...

Good Luck!

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