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Re: [IP] Frozen Shoulder Treatments

I have frozen shoulder in my Left shoulder and had it in my Right.  In my R I
had PT for about 3 months without success.  My Ortho did a manipulation under
anesthesia and it gave me temporary relief (he only broke a few adhesions) for
about a month.  He finally sent me to a shoulder specialist and I had a full
capsular release surgery and it was a miracle!  My Physical Therapist couldn't
believe  how well my arm moved post-surgically - I started PT the same day I
had surgery.  I had it done in 1996 and my motion is still great.  I was
recently diagnosed with AVN in my R shoulder and had some surgery for that,
but my motion has continued to be great, although dealing with a lot of pain.

I am currently undergoing PT on my L shoulder and had a manipulation done in
June (while under for my R shoulder surgery) without much success (again, he
broke a few adhesions).  Right now I am at a point of great frustration and
want my Ortho to do a full release on my Left.  I had a cortisone injection in
it today and I am hoping it will give me some temporary relief.  I had one 2
months ago and it did help.

I have been on Vicodin for about 6 years to help with the pain and currently
take about 4 a day.

The pain is so uncomfortable, isn't it?  It just aches!  Reaching is what
really bothers me.  The stabbing pain down the arm is really tough to deal
with sometimes!  I know a lot of people that have had frozen shoulder and have
received great relief from PT or manipulation.  I just tend to be more

I wish you the best!

Brenda W.
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