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[IP] Pulling my hair out /Nurses

Hey everyone,
I faxed Sean's bs readings to the Dr today, because we are
having lows almost every day and I have decreased the UltraLente
and the H at meals to compensate for activity.
Well the nurse called and said "check only before meals and at 3:00 am"
My response "then how will I know if he is low, he is starting to not feel
until he is in the 30's"  DUH.  Well it turns out the dr is gone until Tues.
and she could not advise me what to do.  Her comment pissed me off.
Many nights prior to us going to sleep we check and he has dropped over
100 points in 30 -60 minutes, putting him in need of a snack.
Last night he was dropping before bed but still in range and I checked at
2:00 am he was 48, Where would he have been
at 3:00 if I hadn't checked him?

I am just going to keep checking and recording the numbers like I have been.
I have not been
correcting between meals only checking to see if we have the insulin to carb
ratio correct yet.
If I only checked at meals he would be in range most of the time.  But he
tends to go low
3 and a half hours after meals.  I was hoping to get most of this figured
out before pump start
but it looks like the UL is messing with him too much to really determine
what needs to be changed.
Sharon H
Mom to Sean 6 dx 1/99 (soon to be pumping)
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