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[IP] Pumping saline

Regarding swimming and disconnecting the pump. We can disconnect for about
an hour. It has been advisable via the diabetes educator to test BG before
disconnection and retest when the exercise is complete. You may or may not
want to supplement or bolus insulin depending on the reading. I usually swim
enough that I do not need to cover my post exercise reading. If your son is
over his goal sugar: For instance I try to stay 90-160, If over 160 even 180
I look at giving a bolus. The beauty of the pump, you can give .5 of a dose.
One unit will get my blood sugar to drop 60 points. Depending on the
exercise-exertion, and for instance my blood sugar is a little high-180, I
just leave my dose alone. If it is over 180, and I want to drop by 20-30
points, I give myself .5. Just watch your insulin to glucose ratio. It is OK
to disconnect for an hour. Some insulin-pump digest people sometimes switch
to an insulin pen and re-check and dose accordingly through out the day.  I
like going to the waterpark once in a while-that method seems like the way
to do it.  Best wishes. Sharon
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