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[IP] pregnancy and quicksets

I am using the quicksets with my MM508, and have had problems with my
stomach sites.  I am only a few weeks to a month pregnant, and have been
getting a no delivery alarm when I bolus.  This does not happen with thigh
sites, only in my stomach. (This happened the past 3 times I used my
stomach!)  I also noticed the canula was bent when I removed the site.  How
did this happen?  I just changed it this morning!  I called MM and they told
me to either use my thighs or switch back to the tenders that I used before.
Supposedly the tenders work better when pregnant.  I don't understand how
the quicksets could be not working this early in my pregnancy.  I am not
heavy... 5'4", 128 pounds, and I'm not showing yet!  If anyone has
experiences like this, or any advice or suggestions,  PLEASE respond.  I am
VERY frustrated right now!

Thanks...  Heather
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