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Re: [IP] Need help

To Rachel who is anxous for feedback...Rachel what is the problem?  I don't 
mean to sound stupid here or anything but it sounds like you are very aware 
of how  your body works and racts to the insulin.  So why would there be a 
problem?  You know what you can and can't do and it sounds like other than 
the fact the insulin is still work at four hours....We need to remember that 
is disease is NOT an exact science and neither is pumping.  EVery one's body 
is going to react differently to everything.  It is when you know and 
understand how your body reacts and what you need to do that you know you 
have things totally under control, for the most part.  If some people say 
that after 2 hours post meal/bolus they are back to range that is fine for 
them.  But it does not mean that everyone is going to experience this same 
thing.  And it doesn't mean that if it happens on monday that it will happen 
on tuesday too.  Just know that with the pump it is easier and faster and a 
little more precise to correct the highs than it was on shots.  That is the 
beauty of it.  Only when the powers to be come up with the closed loop system 
will things be even more 'precise' than they are now.

Good Luck....and RELAX!!!!!!!

mom to Joshua
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