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RE: [IP] Cheerleading

Erin -

I wouldn't use the thigh thing.  I have had problems with it slipping.  But,
YMMV.  I would suggest clipping the pump inside my bra/sports bra.  That has
been the best hiding spot for me no matter what I wear.  And, I had a nasty
fall last week (running in the rain) - and the pump was fine.

Just a thought.

age 26

-----Original Message-----
a week during basketball.  And then there's the issue of practices.  I mean,
if it's not safe to stunt with a pump (and I don't know whether it is or
not) during games, I'd imagine that wouldn't change during practices.  (I'm
not as worried about the cosmetic issue of having the pump show during
practices.)  The squad has been really understanding of my having diabetes
in the past.  Our head cheerleader's boyfriend actually has type one and is
on an insulin pump.  Come to think of it, he's one of the university's star
basketball players, and I would imagine he wears his pump during games.
Okay, sorry about the length of this.  Any insight y'all have would be
greatly appreciated. :)
Erin :)
age 20
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