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Re: [IP] merck medco w/ice packs-thank you

In a message dated 8/8/01 11:55:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I guess they finally gave up and decided to ship with ice packs or
> loose money on all the insulin that is supposedly returned that is no good. 
> I know I wasn't the only one who complain and I guess when enough of us 
> complain they had to compl            

I have ordered three times this year from Merck Medco.  Twice the insulin had 
to be sent back and reordered due to poor packaging.  When are they going to 
learn to do it right the first time?  Each time they sent it to me without 
and ice packs or notice of delivery or signature required.  The only way I 
was able to get it resolved was to ask to speak to the head pharmacist at the 
location from which the insulin was sent.  Any other party I spoke to 
including pharmacist on call, told me the insulin was just fine.  I don't 
think anything will change the next time I order.  They will send it wrong 
and I will have to track down the head pharmacist once again to resolve the 
problem.  If I go to my pharmacy each month rather than the 90 day Merck 
Medco nightmare thing, they will double my copay on my third visit.  I am so 
sick of chasing after this!

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