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[IP] Re: softset vs quickset

In a message dated 8/9/01 12:15:17 AM, email @ redacted writes:

>Anyway, they have suggested the sofset b/c of the 90 angle
>insertion which is what I'm use to and the only kind I've used.  I guess
>I need to hear is things are going to be ok, Ginger.

I have used both. The Sofset is very similar to the Quickset. The Inserter is 
larger, and you have to use a bigger tape with it. It disconnects and leaves 
a short tail. In some cases that tail makes disconnecting easier, like when 
you are in a bathing suit.  
I prefer the Quickset because I have tape allergies, but I liked the Sofset.

I had to call in my order for infusion sets to MiniMed, yesterday. They  
won't take orders for the 23" tube with the 6mm cannula at this time. I had 
to settle for 5 boxes with the 43" tubing. How annoying! I guess I'll learn 
to play jump rope again. LOL
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