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[IP] Re: Site absorption

> This may not help you, but when Jared started pumping, he was using a set
> that within a month he could only get two days out of before his numbers
> were bad. He changed to a different type of set and it works 3-4 days
> always.
> Just what worked for us.
> Julie, Mom to Jared 15, dx'd 5/99, pumping Disetronic Htron,

I had used the Rapids and couldn't go longer than 2
days.  When I used my tusch I found that the sites
lasted much longer, along with better response.  My
new CDE said that the Rapids didn't go in far enough
in my belly (too much fat close the the surface) and
went into muscle in my behind.  I now use the
Tenders and get much better absorption and longevity
because they go deeper. Try a different location and
see if it works better, and/or try a different set,
along with mixing w/V, as Michael stated.  In the
future, D is working on the peritoneal shunt, which
will eliminate site degradation and improve response
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