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Re: [IP] Denial of Coverage-- A vent


Once upon a time a friend was told that she was type II and if she "lost 
enough weight" she would be able to go off insulin....... and what does 
this have to do with being denied a pump because of being type II?

Have you had an "academic curiosity" C - peptide test run?  My friend's 
doctor said "oops" because of the C-peptide results..... type I not type II...

Just a thought and a "big if" - If a C - peptide shows that you are 
producing a small enough amount of insulin, I'm sure your doctor would 
"correct" your diagnosis - didn't sound like they argue about type I's 
getting a pump.

And if the results show more insulin you still have the same current 

Jim S.
email @ redacted

At 02:29 PM 08/08/2001 , you wrote:
>I just received my letter from United Health Care denying coverage for the
>Some of you may have some experience in this, it looks as though my only
>option at this point is an appeal to my employer.  If that does not go my
>way, no pump.
>In February, this process began with email to MM and Disetronic.  The pump is
>considered "investigational" for type II (their categorization) diabetes due
>to lack of peer reviewed literature.  My understanding of the definition of
>T2 is NIDDM, which I was for 3 years prior to beginning injections.  I guess
>I really did not need to begin injections after all according to UHC.  After
>all this time, how much more?  next February?
>At this stage, what can or should I do with this appeal?  My endo is
>encouraging me to sue and even stated that in his letter for this appeal.  It
>seems silly at this point to pay a lawyer more than the cost to avoid paying
>for the pump.
>Back to Lantus, I guess.  Thanks for the soapbox.
>Terry Claussen
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