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In a message dated 8/8/01 9:19:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 As you see in 5 hours she went from 22.9 to 3.4 and
 this happens everyday; 2 hours after eating she is
 always very high and then she starts dropping; how can
 humalog last and pick so far?
Hi Mario and Julie,
    My daughter Claire started on the pump in April, she is 7 and we live in 
Peterborough Ontario.
    You say that this happens everyday--does that mean she isn't eating 
during the day??  I can't believe that you can get your 4 year old daughter 
to go without food for such a long time!  Claire would never go without 
eating for more than 2 hours--this may be a result of all the required snacks 
from 4 years of injections.  
    Your daughter was just diagnosed in January of this year, is that right?  
She may still be in her honeymoon, which may be confusing things somewhat. It 
may take another 6 months for her honeymoon to be over.  Did the humalog in 
injections work this way as well?  Are you absolutely certain the basal rate 
is set correctly?
      With Claire, I have given up trying to do a true basal and carb bolus 
test.  A lot of days, the rate we started with just seems to work out fine. 
Basal of .4 and 1:15 carb ratio.   Some days she will run a little lower if 
she doesn't eat for 3 hours (yes, it happens occasionally), some days not.  
Her activity level influences her bgs a lot, and some days I can't get her 
bgs over 5.0 no matter what--then I will half her night time basal to try to 
keep her up overnight.   Some sites don't work well at all and absorption is 
extremely erratic and she goes from  3.6 to 22 and back again in a day.   
    I know this isn't any help to you, but I just wanted you to know that not 
everyone gets everything down just right and working perfectly.  But we LOVE 
the pump!!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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