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Re: [IP] merck medco w/ice packs-thank you

>  I remember the vent about merck medco a few weeks
>back and I owe someone a thank you.
>  I ordered strips and insulin yesterday and it was
>scheduled to arrive by aug 13, but arrived today,
>overnighted by ups. The box was covered in labels
>saying "RUSH", they weren't anal in the sense they
>sent both strips and insulin together overnight, there
>was an insulator pack AND 2 Polar packs around the
>insulin. I was impressed, didn't expect it so soon,
>but seeing that it's over 100 degrees right now with
>the heat index, glad to know they have taken
>precautions. Thank you whoever made them aware of
>insulin and heat limitations.
>  Amy
I vented about the insulin shipped in hot heat in beginning of May.
but they replaced my insulin twice still with no ice packs but the second 
shipment the temperatures were alot cooler so I kept the insulin
and it seemed ok.  Meanwhile they told me not to throw out the insulin and 
they will send me packaging to return the insulin - meanwhile its almost the 
middle of August and the insulin is still sitting in my fridge since I 
picked up my insulin last month from my local drugstore.

I guess they finally gave up and decided to ship with ice packs or
loose money on all the insulin that is supposedly returned that is no good.  
I know I wasn't the only one who complain and I guess when enough of us 
complain they had to comply.

I'm glad they changed their procedures.


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