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RE: [IP] Brittle Diabetics

Hi Kathy:
There seems to be lots of differences of opinions regarding the term

When a person has diabetes for 35 years and it cannot be controlled and the
b.g. go from 30 to at least 300 if not more back and forth what would you
call it?

Yes, I am still getting results in these ranges and I am now re-checking
basals to get to the bottom of this.  There has to be some sort of middle of
the way number that my body can adjust to to keep it on an even keel.

I was hooked up to MM's continuous glucose monitor and the readings were
horrendous.  About two months ago, MM had a "talk" in my area bout the 508
and the newer model they will be coming out with...at that time, they were
re-reading our b.g. machines and printing out a graph.  When the salesperson
did mine and looked at it, (he was the same salesperson who did the cgm), I
told him this one looked no better than the original one prior to being on
the pump...he was flabbergasted.....

If I wore the cgm for more than 72 hours which is all it can take at this
time, I'm sure it would continue to do the same readings....

Therefore, yes, some diabetic's b.g. go crazy once in a while, and on the
other hand, others go crazy all of the time....just the way it is.

As far as basals go, I am in the process of rechecking...starting w/12
midnight and have made an adjustment to that...next is morning basal and so

I take Levoxyl which is the generic for synthroid.  Only other things I take
in AM are vitamins.  My only other rx is at night and that is captropril.

Several people have told me that they take different insulin/carb ratios for
different meals...I will keep that in mind. I too take a higher basal from
3A-6A because of pre dawn phen and then because it still stays in system for
3 hrs., I think adding insulin on top of that makes it go lower but then
again this is not a consistent thing so I'm not sure that is my problem.

I can give you an example of this morning I had a low, ate 3 carb tablets
and about 3 hrs later ate breakfast..bolused for it and around lunch time my
b.g. was over 300...why??? Who knows?  I kept checking it every hour or so
and all of a sudden, poof, up to 300....usually at that time of day it goes

have you tried the top part of your hiney?  I understand this is an
excellent site for those slender persons among us
	LOL,  believe me, there is NO FAT there!   I can't even squeeze to get
anything to pinch!!! :)

Thanks to you and all the others who have written...I have kept all of the
suggestions in mind and like I said, first need to recheck basal rates....

The premenopause gives it even more complications and I'm on a 507 so I
can't set different basal rates so it's a check, check, check and record and
see as you go thing....my poor fingers are killing me!!!! :)
Kathy B.
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