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[IP] softset vs quickset

Hey everybody...........I've only been pumping for 3 months and truly cannot
imagine life without "gizmo" attached to me.  My distributor, National
Diabetic Pharmacies justed called to tell me they cannot fill my current
order for quicksets b/c of backorder problems. (we've heard this before on
this site.)  Anyway, they have suggested the sofset b/c of the 90 angle
insertion which is what I'm use to and the only kind I've used.  I guess
I need to hear is things are going to be ok, Ginger.  It inserts, feels like
your quikset just a different inserter and doesn't disconnect right at the
site.  I consider myself a fairly mature adult but this little unknown makes
me a bit anxious so I need a little TLC, please.

Thanks for understanding,
- ----------------------------------------------------------
the sofset goes in at 90 degrees tothe skin. thhey make an inserter called
the softserter which they will give you with your order if you remind them.
there is a tail of tubing where it disconnects from the supply tube from the
pump. I found them good, painless to insert and easy to hook up. Some folks
don't like the tail but neither my wife or I mind it. I like the sil better
but it is difficult to insert unless you learn how from a pro but they don't
come loose or get tangled in your clothing. if you used any set, aside from
the tail, its like all of them.
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