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RE: [IP] Need help

Neither the doctors nor Lily want to hear about this...Lily insists that the
insulin starts working in 15 minutes and when I called and spoke w/people
there they told me impossible...

My dr. thinks I'm just as crazy but I know if I bolus for breakfast, it
really starts kicking in around 12-1 Pm lowering the b.g....takes like 4-5
hours and if I check every hour, I can just watch it start
dropping.....don't know what to do either...at a standstill...I mean how
many hours before you eat can you take a bolus????  Am I supposed to plan my
life out and what I'm going to eat around this?  Nope...just going along for
the ride right now...making sure basals are right and then will slide along
with this...

Some pumpers have told me that they take a different insulin/carb ratio for
breakfast and a different one for lunch and a different one for
dinner....guess that can make a difference in b.g. as well....I have to
speak w/my endo about this.

Good luck and if you hear anything let me know.
Kathy B.
email @ redacted
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