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[IP] Doc vs Doc

Heather and Dr. Spot:
Spot said:  >> If you already like your endo, stay with him and 
don't let this destroy your relationship. good docs are hard to find 
out there. spot<<<

Spot is right - not only is there a shortage of endocrinologists, but 
good ones are very hard to find!   This problem can be worked out.   

We just had the identical experience in my household....My 
daughter was being treated by a local Gastro guy, and she was not 
getting the desired results...we kept trying with him, and he finally 
threw up his hands and sent her to the Hospital Pain Clinic.   After 
a year of unsuccessfull treatments, I insisted we go to Mayo's 
(Jacksonville, FL is the closest one).   

What an incredibly wonderful place....I have never experienced 
anything like the way we were treated at Mayo's.  It costs no more 
than regular docs.  Each patient starts with a team of docs who 
tests you from tip of head to toenail...amazing.   We learned more 
about my daughter's problems and related issues in three days 
there then we did in two years here.  This team then gets together 
and comes up with results/plan/prognosis/course of treatment, etc. 
Takes a minimum of 3-4 days just to get through it all.  Most folks 
are there at least a week. 

To resolve the territorial issues with two docs, which was really 
based on a) local doc having hurt feelings from our not thinking that 
doc was good enough, b) big problem taking orders from another 
doc on treatment and c) getting in conflicts over treatment, her 
primary doc at Mayo's wrote a letter to my daughter explaining 
what they found, what they recommended and the wish that 
hopefully her local doc (and the Mayo's doc called him by name in 
the letter) would continue working with her and feel free to contact  
them if they had any comments or ideas about the best course of 
treatment.  Jennifer (the daughter) personally went in with a copy of 
the letter for her doc, told him what kinds of things had been found 
out, asked him to help her through these treatments because she 
knew he was the best in town....blah, blah, blah.

You know what?  It worked. And he wouldn't speak to her when he 
found out she was going down there.  Now, her doc here is using 
the recommendations from Mayo's, found her a physical therapist 
to use the very specialized therapies from Mayo's and even called 
the Mayo's doc once, and now they are buddies....

But then, Mayo's is amazing.  I have always heard Joslin is a 
wonderful place.  Maybe you could work out something similar with 
them and your local endo.  Depending on what the results are, of 
course.   Good luck, keep us posted. 
Bonnie R. 
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