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RE: [IP] Need help

Rachel wrote:
the Humalog takes from 1/2 to 3/4 hours to work and
works for the full 4 hours. So, my blood sugars are
not coming down nicely after meals, but by the 4 hour
they are down. If I correct a high (200) blood sugar 3
hours post food, I run too low soon after the bolus.
I can't believe I am the only diabetic out there for
this to happen. 
My Response:
This happens to me, also.  I try to take my bolus 15
minutes before I eat - in the morning I take it 45
minutes before I eat!  I recently was at a pump
support group meeting with a CDE from Minimed.  She
went over the way to test if your bolus is correct,
and she said not to worry about a 2 hour post meal bg.
 Her indicator if your carb to insulin ratio for bolus
is correct was if you are back to normal 4 to 5 hours
after the bolus.  I think a lot of people are
realizing that Humalog is not as fast for everyone as
it was supposed to be, and expecting to be 180 or less
2 hours after eating is not realistic for many of us.
pumping 5 1/2 years.

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