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Re: [IP] tattoo

"John Ripa" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I'm in the process of deciding on my second tat but I already know where I
> want it and its going to be painful(on the shoulder blade). not
> much fat or muscle there just like the tail bone.

Actually, my tattoo (a barcode that scans as "gregleg" in Code-128) is on
the shoulder blade, and I didn't find it bad at all.  Certainly less
irritating than putting in a Tender infusion set ;-)

As for risk of HIV and hepatitis -- yes, those are risks, but at a shop
following proper procedure those risks are VERY small.  Make sure the shop
properly sterilizes everything (disposable needles run through an
autoclave -- and ask to see the spore tests on the clave, any shop that
can't produce it, walk out).  Ink should be dispensed into individual-use
cups, and NOT put back in the bottle.  Artists should wear gloves.  Etc.

When I had my tattoo done, I was VERY careful about BG control, and keeping
the tattoo clean.  My artist gave me a small tube of A&D Ointment, with
instructions that I was to put a VERY small amount on twice a day -- enough
to keep it moist, but NOT enough so that you could SEE the ointment.  His
goal was to keep scabs from forming AT ALL on the tattoo.  He said washing
it was fine, so long as I didn't scrape off any scabs that DID form.  I
washed it every day in the shower with pHisoderm, since regular soap can be

The net result?  Tattoo fully healed in a week, with no trace of any scabs
or flakes, and it looks great (DARK black ink, crisp lines, after a year).
I'm a VERY happy camper.

It's amazing.  I've seem almost as many different healing methods for
tattoos as there are artists.  :-)

Basically, though, as long as you're under good control and take care of it
during the healing process, you SHOULDN'T have any problems.  YMMV, of

--Greg, who's thinking about a 2nd tattoo himself...
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