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Re: [IP] pregnancy pumping questions

Hi Mel,

Everyone else has had a lot of good information.  Your rising bloodsugars are 
completely normal.  As for measuring too large, there are many things that 
can influence this, but a baby growing faster then it should be can be one 
cause.  I'm shocked that your ob wants to do an ultrasound just to check this 
as my OB was doing ultrasounds once a month to accurately track growth.  I 
suppose it would be easier to just consider lots of checking and testing as 
"normal" for a diabetic.

The other thing I want to share with you is my own personal take on the 
OB/Endo conflicts during pregnancy.  OB's want everything to be PERFECT thus 
your "under 120"  info they are looking for.  OB's are looking out for baby.  
If your bloodsugars are too high that's a problem.  Endo's want everything to 
be PERFECT thus the communication you do with the endo----but the bottom line 
for the endo is to protect the life of YOU the mom.  If your bloodsugars are 
too low that's a problem.  In my personal experience and opinion, no one will 
get exactly what they want.  Spot is absolutely correct, tell the OB you're 
doing the best that you can, and then work hard to do the best that you can.  
It is so worth the effort to try and stay ahead of things now.  

Best of luck, and keep us all posted.

dx 3/13/81
pump 12/28/85
first child 11/2/90 9lb10oz 6 days in NICU (at 38 weeks)
second child 10/21/98 6lb3oz (at 38 weeks)
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