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[IP] RE: pregnancy pumping questions

Besides the things Sylvia pointed out it could also be from the baby being
breech (very common at this point in pgcy) or some other non-vertex (head
down) presentation. Two very common things with diabetes are excess amniotic
fluid (polyhydramnios) and large baby (macrosomia), both of which can cause
the fundal height to be large.
I've always been told that "normal" is if you measure within 2-3cms of your
weeks gestation (for instance, if you are 27wks but your fundal height
measured 24cms that would be normal, same thing if you measured 30cms at
27wks. Usually by term it all evens out but at this stage they go through
growth spurts.) With my baby (born in March) I measured 6cms ahead at the
end of my pgcy and he was a VERY large baby (11 lbs. Very unusual
considering my husband and I are not big people: I'm 5'2"/normally 130, he
is 5'8"/175. No diabetes and my dates were correct.) But a large measurement
doesn't necessarily mean a large baby. The ultrasound will help determine
the cause!

Take care, Kerri
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Sylvia said:
What is TOO big for 27 weeks.  I have never understood this.  Some women
have lots of amniotic fluid, some have less, some have big babies some have
small.  I really dn't think there is a specific size for everyone.  Does
twins or other multiples run in your family?  The doc will be able to find
out all of these things with the US.
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