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[IP] RE: pregnancy pumping questions

Posting this to entire list, as it might be useful to

At 26 weeks, all the other hormones are rising to maintain
this pregnancy and assist the baby in developing. Yes, they
all cause insulin resistence. It isn't unusual to raise the
basal rates every 2 weeks, and weekly, the closer you get to
term.  Frequently the endo and ob docs will check
fructosamine levels which can give a picture of overall
control much faster than the HbA1c.  Don't be surprised if
the basals near term are almost double the amounts before
pregnancy.  Write down what they were before pregnancy (get
them from your endo records. You will want to know those
rates after the baby is born, since your insulin needs will
drop dramatically.  Take what you need to control the BG.
Think about eating fewer carb servings (bread, potatoes,
pasta, rice).  Talk with a dietitian for a meal plan if
weight gain is a concern.
Happy pregnancy and healthy baby!

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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