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[IP] brittle diabetes

From: Linda Kelly <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Brittle Diabetics sic non compliant

doctor's will often just stick a > label on something just because they
don't understand it.
The label being, non compliant. (U're body isn't...:)
 I think it is because by the book, things should work, there not being
enough time to really figure things out, what with all the variables,
each person different.)  Books are suggestions and the diabetic with his
health team for guidance has to figure things out.  (IMO, after "they"
tried and their way did not work.)
Each day is a learning experience for future reference. :) Linda
- ----------------------------------------------------------
Oh so true. The patient is right,  the book or lab results are wrong. "they"
said this or that refers to the " they bureau."  spot
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