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Re: [IP] tattoo

In a message dated 8/7/01 7:55:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> believe the follow-up with skin care of the tattoo while it 'sets' is 
> another concern. Just to play it safe, have a word with your doctor and see 
> if you may have a mild antibiotic 

Hi Brenda, I totally agree with Jenny about all she talked about, especially 
the 'playing it safe and using a mild antibiotic'!!  I had a tattoo done in 
1996, and it came out beautiful and I didn't have any problems with it 
healing either.  It's in the middle of my back on the bottom. It still looks 
beautiful and I think I will always enjoy having it. It's funny that I forget 
it's there sometimes.  One little word of caution is that it is a little 
painful! I picked a bad spot as far as having one done, it's very close to 
the bone. My tailbone was vibrating so hard it was shaking my head!! LOL So, 
if you go to get one, I'd say take a look at what utensils they use, ask if 
they use new ones every time, bring someone with you so you can squeeze their 
hand during the procedure!! 
       Good luck, let us know what you decide and what kind of tattoo do you 
want to get?  
Just grin and bear it!!!
Elizabeth and 'Bruno'
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