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Re: [IP] tattoo

Probably not. You would mainly be VERY concerned with the reputation, health dept. certificates and such of the tattoo artist and his studio.

We have to be extremely hygine oriented, and you should be allowed to see the facility first, how the sterilizer is used and if the majority of 'contact' attachments are, in fact, disposable -as they should be.

I believe the follow-up with skin care of the tattoo while it 'sets' is another concern. Just to play it safe, have a word with your doctor and see if you may have a mild antibiotic to take for a few days (a couple before and a few after the actual tattoo is done).  

In the case where the tattoo is so intricate that multiple sessions are needed, you the doc and the artist will work out a good schedule of events to avoid major problems.

A bit of caution: I had one done many years ago, and it was beautiful.....while I was young and thinner. Now, had I not had the thing removed it would've looked like MOTHRA or RODAN on me today.  Tattoo removal is a long and somewhat painful process, so give it a LOT of thought. Now, I usually deny I ever had one done.

Jenny Sutherland
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  From: Brenda Moore 

  I am a diabetic with no complications as of now and am considering getting a 
  tattoo.  Does anyone know of any medical reasons why I shouldn't get one?
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