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[IP] ElectroStatic MM's

This is what I got from the MM website when I asked them about the ESD

Jenny Sutherland

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MiniMed Pumper -

Relative humidity is the most significant component surrounding ESD. The
winter months do tend to cultivate greater occurrences of ESD due to the
cold and dry climate they tend to bring; this environment is not unique to
your particular locale. Many electronic devices, including cellular phones,
pagers, and the like, are susceptible to the effects of ESD. Other
electronic devices may be designed to simply ignore ESD. Because an insulin
pump is a life-saving medical device, MiniMed has chosen to design our pumps
to alert you when your pump has encountered ESD.

In the event that your 508 pump is exposed to high levels of ESD, the 508
pump will alert you by displaying an E-13 error message on the screen and
the pump will produce an audible alarm. You may stop/clear the alarm by
pressing the SEL button, followed by the ACT button.

Clearing any E-alarm, in turn, will produce an E-01 alarm. An E-01 alarm
will result in returning the pump to its factory default settings. Press the
SEL button, followed by the ACT button. The time of day screen will appear.
You will then have to reset your basal rates, the time of day, and any other
programming you have entered into your pump. You can then be sure that your
pump's function was not adversely affected by ESD.

I hope this information helps. If you have any further questions or need any
further assistance please call the MiniMed 24 Hour Help Line at (800)

Best regards,

Jessica Bailey
email @ redacted
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