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[IP] pregnancy pumping questions

Hey everyone,
I have a few questions for any pregnant or new mom pumpers.  I am now at 27 
weeks and my bg's are not as great as they were during my first trimester.  
I am becoming more insulin resistant as the days go on.  I am increasing my 
basil rates and my bolus and carb ratios.  Do any of you have any tricks 
that you would like to pass along?  It seems that what works one day doesn't 
work the next.  My endo is having me fax in my bg's every week and then he 
calls and tells me that he agrees with the changes I have made.  My ob/gyn 
just keeps telling me that he wants them under 120.  Under 120 all the time 
would be wonderful but its not happening.  At my appointment yesterday the 
ob/gyn measured me and said that I was measuring too big for 27 weeks so he 
wants to do an ultrasound next week.  I have only gained 7.5 lbs so does 
anyone have any idea what would cause me to be measuring too big?  Thanks 
for the help-I figured that since alot of you have been through this 
pumping,  you could give me some tips.

Thanks for the help,

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